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Let a local show you why they make Bali their home. A private tour of this exciting, vibrant, and – most of all – beautiful island will have you wondering why you don't call Bali home too!

Gustu and his team of drivers are the best in Bali. The team has been hand-picked by Gustu to ensure that you have the most amazing tour.

Gustu has been a tour guide and driver for 10 years. Gustu has really specialized his service in the last 5 years and has developed a loyal clientele by ensuring he only has the most experienced and qualified drivers to assist him in providing you with a life-changing experience and a tour that is like no other. His small team will always provide you with answers and information to any questions you may have and will also give you information on your tour.

Choose from one of our memorable Bali tours or Design your own! Your private guide is happy to customize your tour to include exactly what you want to see and do on your trip to Bali, Indonesia.

It’s more affordable than you might think.

Our pricing is per-tour NOT per-person so it is even more economical

Benefit from a local’s knowledge.

Access more intimate, out of the way spots that you will never see on a bus tour.

Every tour is private.

Your guide will spend time only with you and the people you’re traveling with.

Every tour is customizable.

See the sights YOU want, try the food YOU crave, learn about what interests YOU the most.

Go at your own pace.

See as much as you can or slow things down. With your private guide, your day is flexible.

Questions? Talk to a REAL person.

We offer all forms of communication and are available to you at all times.

Mr Bali Drivers

The team is the most knowledgeable in Bali and I can promise you if you choose us you will not regret it.

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Certificate of Excellence 2019

Mr Bali Tour offers a unique and award winning Mr Bali Tour experiences Since 2012. We've been showing travelers the best of our incredible Bali Island and we'd love to share it with you. Our tours are flexible, great fun, outstanding, valuable and cover all areas of Bali Island.

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