Mr Bali Charity Program

Mr Bali Charity Program

Mr Bali Tour is very lucky to have the support of so many travellers that love Bali as much as they do and are always willing to help. Mr Bali Tour believes in good things coming back to people who do good things, so we are introducing the Mr Bali Charity Program.
This program will allow us to give back to the communities across Bali by providing you with an opportunity to give something back to the island that will bring you so many happy memories during your stay.

The best way to help is to contact Mr Bali Tour a couple of months before you leave for your journey. The team can then let you know what is required at the given time.
All travellers have a minimum of 20kg of luggage that you can take with you. Don’t forget your 7kg carry-on as this can be used for the minimal amount of clothes you will require (you can buy more clothes when you get there – just pack underwear, 1 pair of boardies and a couple of shirts. The rest will take care of itself) then your suitcase is just for the children and villagers.
Some airlines will allow you to take extra luggage if you are going to an orphanage, you need to inform them in writing at least 8 weeks before departure in most cases.

Indonesian Customs may want to search your bag, you may need to declare some of the goods (food) as they can be assumed to be business samples. Take all of your receipts with you and don’t spend over $1000 on product to take. Also bring a confirmation email from Mr Bali Tour so it can be seen you are in fact bringing the goods to help.

What to bring?
•    Clothes, shoes, jumpers, sleepwear
•    Hygiene supplies (shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs)
•    School Supplies – Books, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, school bags
•    Toys, bubble wands, games, sporting equipment, tennis balls, soccer balls, footballs, basketballs – get them deflated when you buy them.

Could I buy what is needed there in Bali?
Yes, you can. It can sometimes be hard to find bulk items of the products you may want to buy. Food is a great option to buy when in the country as it is so incredibly cheap and you are then also helping the local economy by purchasing items from the stores. Rice is always required. Mr Bali Tour can help you find locals who sell rice in large quantities so you can buy more for the children and villagers. Mr Bali Tour will help you organise a trip to purchase these goods, or they can be purchased on the way to the orphanage or village.

What are the educational needs of the Balinese?
Money is always well received by orphanages in Bali for schooling. It is a very expensive exercise, and all school fees must be paid up front, and uniforms are compulsory which adds more costs. If you are able to pool together some money and donate it, it will help them greatly. Most of the concern is over being able to afford to send the children to school and as you can see below it can become a vicious cycle for some families to afford schooling for their children. Mr Bali Tour will make sure all visits conducted are to recognized orphanages.

Student Learning Materials In many parts of the world, schools expect students and their families to provide learning materials, such as exercise books, textbooks, pens and pencils. In areas of crisis, families typically do not have the financial resources to purchase learning materials, and thereby significantly alter the students’ learning experience as they either must do without or ration what little they have. In some situations, this additional burden on top of school fees may limit the number of children a family is able to support through school.”

This is certainly the case in Bali. Parents in country areas may appeal to city relatives for help in paying fees, or they may have to take out loans (a rollercoaster they rarely escape from), but there is rarely any assistance in the true sense.

Parents are faced with the fact that they must pay monthly fees, buy school uniforms (compulsory), books, pencils, textbooks, art supplies plus donate time to repair and clean the school. Then, there are the examinations at the end of each school level. Consequently, most children in country areas do not get past Primary School level. Some city children may get further, but if there is an economic crisis, the poorer drop out first

How will it make a difference?
Every little bit helps, and as a tourist to Bali you are very lucky to have the privilege of being able to travel overseas and to be given the option to give something back will not only make you feel better, it could change someone’s life forever, could help people put food on their table that they otherwise couldn’t and you will be supporting the Balinese people in a special way that will stay with them for a long time.










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