Sekumpul Waterfall Tour

Sekumpul Waterfall

Duration: one day (approx 12hours)
Pick up time:
145 km

Private tour :
IDR 550K /person for (2-4pax)
IDR 500K /person for (5-7pax)
IDR 450K /Person for (8-12pax)

Inclusion : New Comfortable Car, Petrol, Entrance Fee Tickets, Parking Fees, Mineral Water, Speaking English Driver, Umbrellas, Sarong to Visit the Temple.

Exclude : Meals, local guide and private expenses

 Places to Visit:

    There are 10 waterfalls in Buleleng regency. The one which is most visited by tourists is Gitgit Twin waterfall. The name comes from the name of the village where the waterfall is located. It takes around two hours to reach Gitgit Twin waterfall driving from Denpasar to Buleleng regency via Bedugul. The winding road after Candi Kuning vegetable and spice market toward Buleleng offers picturesque views of Lake Buyan and monkeys on the roadside. The monkeys are calm and not dangerous but can be a little bit aggressive if you feed them. Entering Gitgit Village, the first waterfall is Gitgit Twin waterfall on your left. Some say that the walk to this waterfall is a long downhill hike. Gitgit waterfall, which is not too far from the turnoff to the Twin waterfall.
    This is a large, spectacular double waterfall in a quiet and unspoilt forest. You will need to be reasonably fit and active to get there as the trek to the waterfall takes around an hour over ground which slopes quite steeply and can be slippery in wet weather. Nearby, there is Pura Dalem Jagaraga temple built on the site of a famous battle in 1849 with carvings made in the early 20th century to reflect the impact of Dutch colonialisation. Just a short drive from Villa Manuk to the East, through the villages of Sawan and Bebetin, is the beautiful Sekumpul Waterfall, which makes a wonderful trek. Take a picnic and eat lunch in the peaceful gorge where the only sounds are birdsong and the splash of the river as it traverses its stony path.
    Location: Dalem Jagaraga Temple is located in Jagaraga Village, sub-district of Sawan, Buleleng, 11 km east of Singaraja. Article: Pura Dalem Jagaraga A story told by Ketut Suradnya, guardian of the temple ‘of the dead’ Ketut Suradnya is the devoted guardian of the Jagaraga temple in the village of Jagaraga in the subdistrict of Sawan, twenty kilometers east of the city of Singaraja. Ketut Suradnya:” This temple has high historical value. It attracts many local and foreign visitors every year who recognize the historical value of the temple and who come to commemorate the, at times, disturbingly bloody history of the area. It is estimated that the temple was first established in the year 1181. The temple is a silent witness of the historical journey of the Buleleng kingdom that has Singaraja as its capital city. Many historical events are depicted on the temple walls (penyengker pura), like the events that happened during the heroic fights the people of north Bali put up against Dutch troops. The big battles against the Dutch troops broke out on the 16th of April 1848 and were led by Gusti Ketut Jelantik, I Gusti Lanang Sura, I Gusti Ketut Intaran, Jero Jempiring and Jero Tilem.

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